Unhealthy food habits

Unhealthy food habits

Get rid of your junk food cravings

Addicted to junk foods and you want to outsmart your cravings for these ready to eat or processed foods, then all you need to do is follow some smart tricks and get rid of your bad food habits.

According to the researchers and scientists, the junk food is designed smartly with a proper strategy which may lure the customers more and more towards its products.

Product manufacturing strategy: The junk food manufacturing companies generally make their products with some specific manufacturing strategy, which may increase your cravings for the junk food and you may want it more and more.

Generally, the junk food manufacturing companies add certain ingredients in maximum quantity like excess salt, sugar, fat and some other chemical products, which are usually responsible for increasing the cravings for junk food. These chemicals and extra added flavors may be boost your cravings and attract you more and more to junk foods.

You are highly addicted to junk food and are unable to break your bad food habits. Need not to worry much as you can smartly by using some simple tricks can outsmart your all bad or junk food cravings.

  1. Replace your unhealthy food habit with healthy food habits
  2. Substitute artificial sweetener
  3. Make food selection on its ingredients basis
  4. Avoid extra flavors in food
  5. Increase the use of herbs in diet
  6. Increase regular water intake
  7. Increase fruit diet

Let’s discuss in detail about all these smart tricks, which can be used to get rid of your bad food habits.

  1. Replace your unhealthy food habit with healthy food habits: often when you feel you feel hungry you just try to satiate your hunger with some easily available ready to eat foods or you simply pick the junk foods from your refrigerator. This may be quick option available but obviously not a smart one. In order to get rid of your bad food habits try to replace it with some healthy food kept in your kitchen. Take carbohydrates or some protein diets including nuts or dry fruits instead of junk foods. These healthy foods would not only satiate your hunger but help in maintaining your health.
  2. Substitute artificial sweetener: The best and other more effective way of controlling bad food habit is to go for a substitute. Like you can go for a natural product instead of the artificial ones. You can substitute your artificial sugar by honey.
  3. Avoid extra flavors in food: In order to make the food more spicy and tasty, you often use extra flavors to it. Try to use less salt or chilly. You can also put some lemon to get extra flavor, which may also be a healthier choice.
  4. Increase the use of herbs in diet: Herbs and green colour vegetable intake may also reduce your craving for any other kind of junk foods. Use colourful food in your diet.
  5. Increase regular water intake: most of the organism functioning involves the usage of water, therefore more and more water should be included in your diet, which may also help in controlling your cravings for junk foods.



Top tips to measure your exercising volume

Top tips to measure your exercising volume

Just as with cardio, when you do the same weight training routine time after time, your muscles quit progressing. They don’t grow and strengthen like they did in the beginning. How do you stop this effect?

Work your muscles in a sequence, not the same ones day after day. For example, you might work your upper body on Monday, your mid-section on Wednesday and lower body on Friday. Do aerobic exercises on the in-between days so that you’re still burning calories but not overworking your muscles and stopping their growth. By varying your weight lifting regimen, you’ll continue to see muscle gaining results. And, as you learned above, the greater your muscle mass the greater number of calories you burn even when you aren’t doing anything active. Move your muscles and they’ll move the fat! The best way to get results when you exercise is to keep your heart rate in what’s called your target heart rate range. This amount is the rate of your heart at rest plus 50-85%. If you don’t have a heart monitor, you can also use the recently launched hand gear that keeps note of your movement around. If you can keep a conversation while exercising, you’re likely at a good intensity. However, if you’re able to sing then you’re not working out hard enough. On the other hand, if you can barely get one or two words out without feeling winded, you need to tone it down a little.

There are a rare set of people that truly like to exercise. Then there is most everyone else. So, how do you get the most calorie burning benefits in less time?

There are quite a few activities that will result in high net burn per hour. They include:

  • Running – 850 calories
  • Rollerblading – 550 calories
  • Tae Kwon Do – 750 calories
  • Stair Treadmill – 650 calories
  • Basketball or Singles Tennis – 580 calories

Just for reference, the calories given above are for a person that weighs 160 pounds. Weigh more than that and the amount of calories you’ll use if you do these exercises is even more than listed!

On days when you’re not working your upper body, start working on those legs. Just as with your upper body, when you work your lower body, it doesn’t take a bunch of fancy, expensive equipment.

Try these lower body building exercises that use your body weight for resistance:

  • Squats

Six-pack abdominal muscles are the goal of most dieters. The truth is that not everyone can have them (blame genetics), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get the maximum results possible for your body type. The way to do that is to drop your body fat percentage and work those abs through specific exercises. If you want to have a gold-medal mid-section, it requires doing a variety of different crunches to target different stomach muscles and leg-lifts to build a strong core.

Here are five ab-worthy exercises, for the waistline of your dreams:

  1. The Bicycle Exercise

Find opportunities to sneak in daily activity. Choose stairs over the elevator; park so you have to walk further to get where you want to go. It all adds up!

Best of Nourishing Nutrition for today

Best of Nourishing Nutrition for today

Does green tea live up to its reputation as a weight loss guru?Give a resounding ‘yes’. What makes green tea so great when it comes to weight loss?

It has caffeine which is known to reduce your appetite, give you energy and make it easier to accomplish your daily to-do list. It elevates your heart rate slightly when you’re engaged in physical activity, such as doing your exercise program. In addition, Swiss researchers state that it is full of different natural ingredients that increase your body’s calorie burning potential – up to 60 extra daily. So, you can melt fat off your body just by sipping a few cups of the green stuff daily! Plus, if you regularly choose green tea (preferably at least two cups a day) over some other not-so-healthy beverages, such as sodas and lattes, you’ll likely consumer fewer high sugar calories and fat. The more you drink, the more you lose!

Most people watching their weight try to avoid fast food restaurants. Not only do their foods contain the very things that most dieters avoid, such as sugar and fat, but the portion sizes are enough to make weight gain absolutely inevitable.

However, you don’t have to absolutely eliminate fast food restaurants from your future when you’re trying to watch your waistline.

Just make these simple suggestions part of your fast food ordering agenda:

Choose grilled over fried when it comes to sandwiches. Also, load it with veggies and steer clear of high fat condiments. To practice portion control, order the smallest possible size you can get – even if it means that you’re looking at the kid’s menu. Speaking of kid’s menu, the sides are usually healthier so they’re a great place to purchase from.

Choose a beverage that is sugar-free, such as tea, coffee or water. It’s not that diet sodas are bad, but the artificial sweeteners in them may lead to cravings, making it harder to stick to a healthy diet the rest of the day.

Watching your diet shouldn’t mean that you’re stuck at home. You can still enjoy your favorite restaurant, but you may have to tweak the way you order.

Here are some calorie-saving options:

Tell the waitress or waiter to not even bring the bread basket. You’ll remove the temptation for carbs that will bulge you up, not slim you down.

  • Choose foods that are cooked healthy; think grilled, broiled and baked. And pick sides just as healthy, such as vegetables that are steamed.
  • Stay away from buttery sauces and fried appetizers and entrees. It’s not that you can never eat them, but eat them too much and your waist will get bigger instead of smaller.
  • Practice portion control. Split your meal with someone else or take half home. Save yourself the extra calories and you’ll arrive at your weight loss goal faster than ever!

If you’re eating to stoke your metabolism, you’re eating several mini-meals daily. But, remember that you still want to watch your calorie intake.

Here are some great options that will reduce your calories without sacrificing taste:

  • Veggies (such as cucumbers, broccoli and cauliflower)
  • Fruits (like as apples, berries and melons)

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